B.Sc Critical Care Technology

Duration Level Type
3 Years  Graduation Degree

Critical care technologist has a variety of roles to play and they work in different healthcare settings. They take care of the equipment and the monitoring devices that are used by patients requiring intensive care or are in critical condition. They ensure that the equipment and the life support system attached to a critical care patient are all functioning correctly. Most of these medical devices such as CAT scanners, dialysis machines, etc. are set by the critical care technologists. In case of any malfunction or error in such machines, the critical care technologist repairs as well as perform maintenance checks and calibrations, if required. 

More About The Course

B.Sc Critical Care Technology is a well in-demand course. Services of a critical care technologist are highly desired in every hospital and healthcare unit. You will be also learning to provide first-aid to patients in the absence of suitable medical aid. You are also taught the principle of operation and working of these medical devices.

Job Opportunities And Prospects

On finishing this course you are easily placed in the critical care industry. You work in hospitals in ICUs, emergency rooms, trauma centers, and similar healthcare settings requiring emergency and critical care. Hospitals working in both the private and public sectors will be in need of your services. Other places to look for employment are government hospitals, military hospitals, railway hospitals, and so on. You can undertake a postgraduate program like M.Sc in critical care technology. You may also get to do research work in the field by opting for a doctoral program.

B.S.C Degree in Critical Care Technology

Year  I  Syllabus

Basic Anatomy Theory Introduction to Anatomy Basic Anatomical terminology

Sl. No. Subjects of Study








Principles of  Mangement



Year II Syllabus

1. Applied Anatomy related to critical care.
2. Applied physiology related to critical care.
3. Clinical Pharmacology
4. Clinical Microbiology and Infection control




Oxygen Therapy




Fundamentals of Electricals and electronics


Clinical scenarios

Year III Syllabus

1. Arterial Blood Gases
2. Mechanical Ventilation – Non invasive and invasive
3. Care of the patient on Ventilator
4. Care of the Chest tube
5. Cardiovascular support
6. Respiratory support
7. Recognition of Cardiorespiratory Arrest
8. Basic Life Support
9. Advanced Life support
10. Care of unconscious patient
11. Basic Administration
12. CSSD procedures
13. Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
14. Medical Ethics
15. Procedural skills.
16. Trauma, Burns, Perioperative Care



















































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