Master of Science in Forensic Science

Duration Level Type

2 Years



M.Sc. Forensic Science is a postgraduate Forensic Science course. Forensic Science (often shortened to forensics) is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to a legal system. Forensic science uses all the principles of various branches of science and applies them in the experiments to draw an exact conclusion. In M.Sc. Forensic Sciences, one needs to study the various principles and theories that are applicable in Forensic science. The syllabus for the course is divided into four semesters and it is career orienting in nature.

M.Sc. Forensic Sciences Syllabus

Syllabus of Forensic Sciences as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

                         Sem. I
      Sr. No. Subjects of Study
  1 Forensics, Crime & Investigative Techniques
  2 Instrumental Methods-Physical
  3 Instrumental Methods-Biological & Chemical
  4 Forensic Ballistics and Photography
  1 Instrumental methods-Physical, Chemical & Biological and Crime scene
  2 Practical- Forensic Ballistics, photography
             Sem. II
  1 Finger Prints and Impressions
 2 Questioned Documents
 3 Forensic Chemistry and Explosives
 4 Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology
 1 Practical-Questioned documents, Finger-prints and impressions
 2 Practical- Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology
             Sem. III
 1 Forensic Physics
 2 Forensic Biology
 3 Forensic Serology and DNA Profiling
 4 Recent advances, quality management and evidence evaluation
 1 Practical-Forensic Physics
 2 Practical- Forensic Biology, Serology and
 3 DNA Isolation
        Sem. IV
 1 Forensic Physics
 2 Forensic Chemistry including Instrumentation
 3 Forensic Ballistics
 4 Forensic Photography
 5 Forensic Documents Examinations and Finger print Analysis
 6 Forensic Biology, Serology and DNA Profiling
 1 Work in the in-house lab
 2 Attachment at a designated lab outside
 3 Dissertation

How is M.Sc. Forensic Sciences Course Beneficial?

  • One can go for higher degree programs in respective subjects such as M.Phil. & Ph.D.
  • Candidates can find employment in enforcement agencies, police and legal system and in the investigative services of the government and also private agencies.
  • They have also the option of working as teachers in institutes that conduct courses in this subject.
  • Other areas of a career in the government organisations such as the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are as investigative officers in the crime cells of state police forces.

M.Sc. Forensic Sciences Employment Areas

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Forensic Labs
  • Investigation Agencies
  • Police Departments
  • Intelligent Services

M.Sc. Forensic Sciences Job Types

  • Corrections Officer
  • Customs Agent
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Compliance Officer
  • Police Detective, Police Officer
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Private Security, Private Investigator
  • Secret Service
  • Forensic Medicine Professor
  • Coast Guard

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