B.Tech Nanotechnology

Duration Level Type

4 Years



Tech Nanotechnology is a 4-year undergraduate course in Nano Technology. This branch of engineering is concerned with manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular or supramolecular level. Under this course, students are familiarized with the diverse nature of nanotechnology.

B. Tech Nanotechnology graduates have great Career Options and Jobs to look from. They are demanded across various sectors such as Aerospace, Food and food packaging, Cosmetics, Personal care products, Sporting goods, Textiles, Oil & gas exploration and production, Composites, Pharmaceuticals, Wound care, Chemicals, Environmental remediation, Energy, Electronics, Pesticides and Automotive.

Tech Nanotechnology is a branch of engineering which deals with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale. The field of nanotechnology is quite diverse.

It encompasses new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, investigation in the possibility of direct control on the matter on an atomic scale, extensions of conventional device physics and development of new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale. It entails the application of different fields of science. Such fields are organic chemistry, micro-fabrication, molecular biology, surface science, and semiconductor physics.

B. Tech Nanotechnology: Who Should Opt For The Course?

Anyone who is fascinated by nanotechnology can opt for this course. Students with a scientific bent of mind and the strong interest in research work are fit for this course. This course is meant for the candidates who are blessed with sound analytical and computer programming skills. Due to the intense research work involved in this course, it is preferable that student is prepared to work hard on research. The aspirants who are drawn towards the techniques of manipulation of matter at atomic scale are meant for this course. The ones who aim to have a career where they get to make breakthrough innovation in the field of science need to look no further as nanotechnology is the future of science.

Eligibility Of the Bachelor of Technology [B. Tech] (Nanotechnology)

The eligibility conditions of this course state that the candidate should pass senior secondary examination from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects.

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