Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering

Duration Level Type

4 Years



B.Tech. Marine Engineering is an undergraduate Marine Engineering course. Marine engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with nautical architecture and science. The term ‘Marine Engineering’ is meant for research conducted in oceans and coastal or inland waters connected to the sea. Marine Engineering courses deal with the construction and maintenance of ships and other sailing vessels as well. The engineering discipline concerned with the machinery and systems of ships and other marine vehicles and structures. During the course, marine engineers deal with a wide range of systems, including diesel engines, gas turbines, boilers, steam turbines, heat exchangers, and pumps and compressors; electrical machinery; hydraulic machinery; refrigeration machinery; steam, water, fuel oil, lubricating oil, compressed gas, and electrical systems; equipment for automation and control; equipment for firefighting and other forms of damage control; and systems for cargo handling. The time of the course is four years. The course is very important and in today’s time, its value has increased many times due to coastal security reasons.

B.Tech. Marine Engineering Syllabus

Syllabus of Marine Engineering as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Communicative English / Remedial Grammar
2 Mathematics I
3 Geometrical and Engineering Drawing
4 Applied Electricity and Electrical Measurements
5 Workshop Technology
6 Workshop
7 Electrical Lab
Sem. II
8 Economics and Management Science
9 Mathematics II
10 Applied Thermodynamics I
11 Material Science
12 Engineering Mechanics
13 Workshop
14 Applied Mechanics Lab
Sem. III
15 Applied Thermodynamics II
16 Mathematics III
17 Machine and Marine Drawing
18 Seamanship, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science
19 Mechanics of Materials I
20 Workshop
21 Material Science Lab
Sem. IV
22 Electronics
23 Mechanics of Fluids
24 Mechanics of Machines I
25 Electrical Machines I
26 Mechanics of Materials II
27 Workshop
28 Electronics Lab
Sem. V
29 Fluid Machines
30 Mechanics of Machines II
31 Computer Science
32 Electrical Machines II
33 Elementary Design
34 Computer Science Lab
35 Electrical Machines Lab
Sem. VI
36 Marine IC Engineering I
37 Marine Boiler and Steam Engineering
38 Marine Auxiliary Machine I
39 Ship Construction
40 Marine Electrical Technology
41 Applied Heat Lab
42 Mechanical Lab
Sem. VII
43 Naval Architecture
44 Marine IC Engineering II
45 Marine Heat Engines and Air Conditioning
46 Marine Machines and System Design
47 Marine Auxiliary Machine II
48 Power Plant Operation
49 Boiler Chemical Lab
50 STCW and Ship Fire prevention
51 Marine Control Engineering & Automation
52 Commercial Geography, Ship Operation and Management
53 Gas Turbine
54 Technical Paper and Project
55 Fire Control Lab
56 Control and Simulator Lab

How is B.Tech. Marine Engineering Course Beneficial?

  • Candidates, who have completed their B.E. or B.Tech. course in marine engineering can take up a Master of technology course in Marine Engineering or they can also take up their M.Tech. course in any other branch of engineering of their interest.
  • Some of the previously mentioned institutions like International Maritime Academy themselves appoint candidates who have completed their B.Tech. Marine Engineering as junior engineering on merchant ships. Once a candidate successfully completes the required period as a junior engineer, he is permitted to take up a competency examination forgetting to post of Chief Engineer.

B.Tech. Marine Engineering Employment Areas

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Engine Production Firms
  • Coastal Marine Construction Companies
  • Ship Building Firms
  • Research Bodies
  • Ship Design Firms
  • Indian Navy

B.Tech. Marine Engineering Job Types

  • Senior Manager
  • Marine Outside Sales Engineer
  • Marine Engineering Officer
  • Lecturer
  • Service Engineer/Mechanical Engineer (Shipping/Marine)
  • Marine Surveyor
  • Service Engineer (Mechanical)
  • Marine Engineer
  • Trainee Marine Engineer
  • Coastal Marine Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Marine Sales Manager

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