Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant

  Duration     Level   Type
     3 Years    Graduation   Degree

Physician Assistant is a skilled health care professional who is qualified with academic and clinical training to provide health care services under the supervision of a specialist. The course is designed to train the student in examining and treating patients, order and interpret laboratory x-rays, and perform the diagnosis. Physician Assistants also has several other responsibilities such as treating minor injuries, preparing and preserving progress notes, and performing certain managerial duties.

    B .Sc. Physician Assistant Eligibility

10, +2 (Medical) or equivalent with a minimum of 55% marks. Some of the renowned colleges and universities conduct entrance examination for admission.

        Subjects of Study

  1. Anatomy, Physiology & Bio-Chemistry
  2. Cell & Molecular Biology
  3. Nutrition & Dietetics
  4. Pediatrics & Geriatrics
  5. Practical – (Phy. Asst)
  6. Microbiology (Phy. Asst)
  7. Introduction to Psychology
  8. Introduction to Medicine (Phy. Asst)
  9. Molecular Genetics
  10. Introduction to Surgery
  11. Pediatrics
  12. Community and Public Health
  13. Clinical Decision Making
  14. Pathophysiology
  15. Pharmacology

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