B Tech Food Technology

Duration Level Type

3 Years



Here I am presenting a Highly Job Oriented engineering course for both Science Stream and Maths Stream, “Food Technology”. This branch is highly job oriented particularly in an Agrarian country like India.

Food Technology branch is a promising one. It is a good branch that offers decent opportunities and career prospects. This branch is all about Food Production, Processing, Packaging, Preservation, and the use of technology and Engineering techniques.

So this branch of engineering covers a number of stages right from production to transportation! Also, this branch has a Research and Development Area, which deals with topics such as – Artificial Food, Artificial Edible Items, Nutrition science, chemistry. This Engineering Branch contains elements of Biology, Technology, Chemistry, Food Science, and Food Nutrition.

Job Opportunities

Food Inspector * Supply Officer * Quality Assurance Officer * state Food Processing Plants * Food Engineers in Food Corporation of India * Purchase Manager * Plant Manager * Food Processing Equipment Officer. Private sector * Private Food Production Firms * Processing Plants * Storage and Preservation Firms.

For Admission Contact : 80 78 80 77 44